Beyond Adorable! Harry Gets The Cutest Baby Gift From A Fan As He Opens A New Youth Center In London

April 12, 2019 15:46

While Duchess Meghan is already on a leave as she prepares to give birth, Prince Harry continues to carry out various engagements alone.

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On Thursday, the Prince opened the Future Youth Zone, a youth center in East London supported by the charity OnSide Youth Zones.

Harry greeted well-wishers who welcomed him outside, chatted with young people, and watched them take part in various activities at the new facility.

As most of his fans know, Harry will become a dad this or next month, so they prepared some gifts for the baby.

Harry accepted all of them graciously, but one particular exchange was especially touching!

The touching moment

As Harry explored the center and chatted with staff, a fan with a present greeted him. Harry approached her, accepted the gift, and talked to her for a bit.

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The fan, 18-year-old Georgina Hart, gave Harry a silver birth certificate holder and told him she was inspired by his Invictus Games and now wants to take part in the Paralympics.

Harry was genuinely moved by the sweet gesture and thanked Georgina before proceeding with the visit.

People’s reactions

It’s always a pleasure to watch Harry interact with fans! He radiates kindness and warmth, something that doesn’t go unappreciated by his supporters.

Here are some of their comments about the sweet moment: