71-Year-Old Glenn Close Looks Sensational In A Striking Valentino Coat At The International Film Festival

February 5, 2019 13:07

Glenn Close knows how to enter a room with a bang! When she appeared at the premiere of her film The Wife, the actress created quite a dramatic moment, which was, actually, very fitting, as the movie itself is filled with drama.

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When Close spotted her co-star Rose Byrne at the premiere, she acted as is if she fainted from shock. Giggling Byrne helped her get up but the moment was truly worthy of an Oscar!

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Recently, the 71-year-old created quite a stir once again, but this time, it was thanks to her breathtaking looks.

Lady in red

Glenn Close appeared at the 2019 Santa Barbara International Film Festival looking absolutely gorgeous. It was impossible not to spot the actress in the crowd as she donned a striking red coat by Valentino.

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The bright stunner from the spring 2018 collection looked perfect on the actress, making her complexion appear more radiant. Close also sported a very chic Valentino’s ensemble underneath, which consisted of a floral shirt and trousers from the 2019 resort collection.

The 71-year-old was honored at the Film Festival as she received the Maltin Modern Master Award. The actress has been nominated 6 times before, but only her incredible performance in The Wife got her the much-desired trophy.

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Close was dressed like a winner and she walked out like one, as well, leaving many wondering about the secret behind her youthful looks.

The face yoga

According to The Daily Mail, the veteran actress practices something called ‘the face yoga'. Close has been spotted on numerous occasions doing very bizarre facial exercises. It’s known that such facial stretches can be a great tool in combating wrinkles.

The author of The Yoga Face, Annelise Hagen, states that doing the facial workout won’t stop you from aging, but it can slow down the process. Judging by Glenn Close’s age-defying looks, it definitely works!

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