Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Might Break The Biggest Royal Baby Tradition In The Future

February 22, 2019

Despite marrying the British prince, Meghan Markle didn’t give up all of the American traditions she grew up with. Recently, the Duchess ventured off to New York to have a baby shower, which is something that is not common among the royal ladies.

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The sweet celebration is shared with the closest friends, so Meghan invited her best pals, including Serena Williams, Misha Nonoo, and Jessica Mulroney.

But it appears this is not the only American thing the Duchess of Sussex wants to keep, even though it means she will have to break another royal tradition.

Not like the rest

Eton College is a prestigious institution with a big number of famous alumni, including Prince Harry and Prince William. However, the ginger royal’s child won’t go there. In fact, he or she won’t go to any British school.

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According to The Times, the Sussex couple is planning to send their firstborn to an American institution. Let’s keep in mind that none of the royal children have done that before. Harry’s older brother, William, sent his eldest son, Prince George, to Thomas' London Day School, which is, obviously, British.

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It is believed that Meghan wants her child to remember his or her heritage. Moreover, the Sussex couple wants their firstborn to have a "diverse education." The school that they might choose is Egham International School in Surrey, which offers an American curriculum. It’s located very close to the couple’s new home, Frogmore Cottage.

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Meghan and Harry’s children will be very different from the royal kids in many ways. Besides attending an American school, they will also have to earn their own living.

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The couple’s children won’t have any royal titles, which means they won’t have financial support from the government, unlike their cousins. However, they will have more freedom, and we are certain it’s something their mom, who loves to break rules, is happy about.

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