Texas Arachnid Nightmare: Families Of Scorpions Are Invading People's Homes To Battle The Heat

July 20, 2018

Summer is in full swing and many living creatures are trying to battle the heat. For us humans it's easy: we get indoors and stay cool in the comfort of our homes. But how do animals and insects keep their temperature low when the scorching sun is heating up everything in sight? Well, they have the same idea as we do.

Scorpion invasion

Texas is currently going thtough a pure stuff of nightmares as many scorpions are looking for shelter at people's homes. Texas Parks & Wildlife warns the public that these arachnids have been spotted by many Texans at their houses and apartments.

Roman Gilmanov /

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The Parks department sent chills down our spines by posting a photo of a mother scorpion with her babies on the back spotted in an Austin home.

It's really happening, Texans are unwillingly welcoming full families of scorpions within their walls. The reason for that is these arachnids need to keep their internal temperature low, so they head indoors where they can comfortably cool off.

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Terrified 'hosts'

Many people responded to the post by sharing their own encounters with uninvited guests. 

Stay safe, everyone, and look where you step in your homes.

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