Mysterious Disease In Minnesota Leads 6 Children To Hospitalization While Doctors Have No Idea How To Cure Them Yet

October 9, 2018 13:43

Minnesota is faced with an outbreak of a mysterious disease. 6 children were left partially paralyzed and health experts have no idea as to what caused it.

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7-year-old Quinton Hill has started complaining of bad neck stiffness. At first, he just couldn’t move his neck, but then he wasn’t able to move his left arm either. The boy spent two weeks in the hospital and had numerous tests before the doctors made their final verdict. Quinton is suffering from acute flaccid myelitis, shortly AFM. It is a rare and serious condition that usually affects children’s nervous system, which leads to muscle and nerve weakness.

Since mid-September, there have been six pediatric cases of the disease, which resembles polio. All of them involved children younger than 10 years old. It is estimated that one in a million people in the U.S. is diagnosed with AFM each year. Symptoms include weakness of one or more limbs, facial droop, slurred speech, problems with swallowing. Severe cases can lead to paralysis.

According to the health department, there can be a variety of possible causes of AFM, including a complication after a viral infection, genetics, and environmental factors.

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The leading candidate that might be causing the disease is enterovirus 68. There is no established cure for AFM or for the virus that may cause it.

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