Police Fail To Investigate Gosport Hospital Scandal Where Hundreds Died After Being Given Opiates

June 22, 2018 14:25

Recently, the case of Dr. Jane Barton has gathered much media attention. She was accused of ruining hundreds of people’s lives. Between 1989 and 2000, she is believed to have prescribed many of her patients fatal overdoses of opiate painkillers. The actions of the 69-year-old are said to have caused the death of more than 400 people!

Barton was found guilty of professional misconduct back in 2010 due to the death of 12 patients in her care, but she kept her medical license and retired. As for the current case, the police force failed to conduct a proper investigation and will likely step back from it.

While there are hundreds of people killed by opiate painkillers, the police had investigated less than 100 cases. Now, the families demand the findings to be investigated by a separate force.

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Besides, there were no efforts made to find families of nearly 300 victims. Out of 456 patients who died, only 163 families are in touch with investigators. This means that 300 families don’t know that their loved ones died because the doctor ended their lives without justification.

It’s terrible that people don’t know that their family members died in suspicious circumstances. So, it’s no wonder the Internet users were outraged:

Unfortunately, opioid epidemic is an acute problem in the today’s society. Often, doctors prescribe opioids for pain of different kind, and the patients end up addicted to the drug. Besides, overdose might be lethal.

If you think your doctor may have made a mistake that affects your well-being and health, such as misdiagnosis, careless treatment, or delay in treatment, it’s possible to file a complaint against them via state’s medical board.

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