It Was Breathtaking! People Were Mesmerized By A SpaceX Satellite That Lit Up The Sky Above San Diego

October 8, 2018

Did you see something magnificent happened in the sky last night? Don’t worry! It wasn’t an alien ship. The explanation is pretty simple.

Varshavskaya Ilona /

What did lighten the sky last night?

Residents of San Diego witnessed something really spectacular on the night of October 7. A fire track lit up the sky across San Diego and generated vivid discussions among locals.

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Of course, there was someone who suggested the mysterious light was going from an alien ship. However, the real cause is simpler.

The innovative company SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket with a satellite to space. The launch took place yesterday at 7:20 p.m.

Officials warned San Diego residents about the possibility of sonic bombs (the sound which occurs from the waves traveling faster than the speed of sound).

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Those who were lucky to witness the sky last night shared photos of the breathtaking ‘phenomenon’ they had seen overhead.

What’s your impression? Did you see the rocket yesterday?

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