10-Year-Old Boy Was Found Dead With Severe Injuries And Burns All Over His Body Days After Coming Out “He Loves Boys”

June 28, 2018

A 10-year-old boy was hospitalized with severe injuries and burns all over his body and died in a hospital the next day. Officials say his death could be caused by homophobia.

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Kid dies under strange circumstances

10-year-old Anthony Avalos from California was proclaimed dead after he suffered brain trauma and cigarette burns all over his body.

The tragedy came days after Anthony told “he loves boys,” which according to the authorities could be a motivating factor in his death.

One of the things that we have heard is that there may have been a motivation on the part of the man in the household regarding the sexuality of the child, and so we're looking into that in a very deep way.

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For now on, it is still unknown to whom exactly in the household Anthony revealed his secret. His mother, Heather Barron, and her boyfriend haven’t been charged in a relation to the case.

It was Heather who called 911 when she found her son unconscious. She told an operator that he probably fell down the stairs.

According to ABC News, there were previously multiple calls from the boy’s school and family members accusing Barron and her partner of domestic abuse. Officials now investigate what actions have been made by social workers to examine the situation in the boy’s family.

We can’t imagine what monster could do something so horrible to the innocent child. We hope Anthony will find his peace in heaven unlike his abusers.

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