Did Kate Middleton Show Off A Gorgeous ‘Push Present’ From Prince William At The Royal Wedding?

May 23, 2018

If you watched the royal wedding, you probably were distracted by 2 major things: how lovely Meghan Markle looked in her dress and where was Kate Middleton!


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The latter aroused the question of the evening, as Kate proved to be the most expected guest. Even the Internet went a little bit crazy with royal watchers keep asking: “Where is Kate?”

When the long-awaited Duchess of Cambridge appeared with her beautiful children, who acted as page boy and bridesmaid, everyone seemed so excited to see her that barely one person noticed a major thing about her look – a massive new ring!


It's the first time the duchess has been seen sporting the ring since the birth of her third child, son Prince Louis, and this made many people think that it was a push present from Prince William. Considering the fact that that the stone is citrine, which means new life, it’s probably not far from the truth.

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A ‘push present’ is considered to be a trend amongst parents when a father gives a new mother a beautiful piece of jewelry after she has given birth. The gorgeous ring was spotted when Duchess Kate was holding Princess Charlotte’s hand.


It was the first public appearance of the mother-of-three since giving birth to her third baby. Kate stayed true to her fashion convictions and wore a beautiful Alexander McQueen dress. Her new ring fitted perfectly the whole muted yellow ensemble.


Meanwhile, the reason for the present, little prince, stayed at home, as he is too young to attend the wedding.

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