"I'm Really Thankful": Nearly 100 Volunteers Help To Renovate Korean War Veteran's Home

May 18, 2018

A 83-year-old veteran, Jordan Dancer, was struggling to get by. He wasn't able to pay all his bills. But nearly 100 volunteers decided to help reconstruct his house and make his life easier.

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Dancer shared with Fox 10:

I had so much stress in my life because I just didn't know what to do. Sometimes, I hated for the mail to arrive because it was just bills.

His home and yard were refurbished by Rebuilding Together, a nonprofit organization that involves community and volunteers to help low-income seniors, disabled, and veterans renovate their homes.

Jeremiah Churchill, the organization's director of construction operations, stated that a group of volunteers painted Dancer's home and weeded his yard.

He said:

He wants a light yellow and cobalt blue, so it's definitely going to make it a little more lively.

The Korean War veteran admitted he couldn't afford to use his air conditioner.

If I could double my income, I would still be below the poverty level.

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The volunteers fixed Dancer’s evaporative cooler, so he can stay cool in the hot Arizona weather.

Dancer couldn’t feel more thankful and blessed, saying:

I'm just, I'm really thankful, and there are lots and lots of good people.

Quick tips for keeping homes cool

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