Beth Chapman's Not Expected To Recover From Coma, And Her Family Is Preparing For The Worst, According To Reports

June 26, 2019

During her battle with throat cancer, Beth Chapman kept relieving the fans that she's strong enough to make it through. She lost hair and eyelashes due to chemotherapy and afterward, stopped the treatment altogether. The latest update about her health it's not something we wanted to ever hear. 

The pain had presumably become unbearable for her. The Fox News was able to confirm that Beth has been put under a medically induced coma. She remained hospitalized in Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Further comments for the family were not received until now.

She is not likely to make it out alive

A family source has revealed to TMZ, Beth is not expected to wake up from the coma and be released from the hospital. Her mother has flown from the mainland to be by her daughter's side during this critical period.

All her kids and grandchildren and many relatives who live in Hawaii have also gathered at Beth's bedside.

The medical decisions are being made for her and no one has any control over Beth's deteriorating situation anymore. Her family is simply preparing for the worst right now.

Her devoted husband, Duane is trying to preserve her true vibrant spirit in his memory. He posted the newest photo of her in which she had her nails done while being treated. 

The bounty hunter's request

Dog has pleaded everyone to remember Beth in their prayers. He desperately needs well-wishes to turn this nightmare around.

Beth's healing would only happen in case of a miracle. Things are not so hopeful but, support from fans can make a huge difference to the Chapman family.