Americans Feel That The Royals Are Failing To Defend Meghan Markle Against Negativity, Expert Claims

July 17, 2019

Meghan Markle's been frequently stepping out and taking time off her maternity. While her admirers gather to support her, she also receives huge gushes of criticism. Is the Duchess alone in this battle against negativity?

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Previously, the media had slammed the Duke and Duchess for holding a private christening service for Archie. Then, at the Polo Match, the new mom was bashed for the way she carried her son. When she appeared at Wimbledon to cheer on Serena Williams, Meghan was body shamed.

Royal expert, Victoria Arbiter thinks that Her Royal Highness might be struggling. It must be really hard for her not to break tradition and address the press herself.

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Americans are disappointed

The U.S public is fully leaned in Meghan Markle's favor. The former actress has diligently moded herself in Royal household and is extremely passionate about her duties. Americans are more fascinated by the British monarchy because of her.

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Recently, on Yahoo’s Royal Box podcast, Victoria generalized American people's expectations from the Royal family. They are very proud of Meghan for representing their nation behind the Palace's walls. The expert went on to say:

There is a sense, however, they feel that the Royal Family hasn’t done enough to protect Meghan.

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Her husband is very defensive about her

The Palace's staff or any member of the family cannot directly fend for the Duchess. It can give rise to more speculations and bring more attention to Meghan. However, in 2016 when the Sussex couple was dating, her boyfriend did come forward. A fair warning stated:

It is not right that a few months into a relationship with him that Ms. Markle should be subject to such a storm.

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We wish for the Duchess to get all the peace she needs to raise her family and complete her ambitions. Share this and keep sending her your love.