"But God Said Different": Sherri Shepherd Says Doctors Claimed Her Son Will Be Paralyzed Forever

May 17, 2019 11:34

A mother's love can endure the worst of possibilities. There lies a special power lies in her heart that can turn the fate around. The View alum Sherri Shepard opens up about her challenging motherhood and how her faith got her through.

Sherri has two sons from her two marriages. Her elder son Jeffrey was fathered from Jeff Tarpley whom she remained in union with for 9 years. Jeffrey is a boy with special needs owing to his developmental delays. His mother left no stone unturned to give him a life full of opportunities.

Doctors were proved wrong

Just last month, on April 22, Jeffrey turned 14. To honor him, Sherri narrated her parental experience, struggles attached to it and how she was ultimately given a miracle. She took to Instagram and told her fans how her son was born prematurely at only 25 weeks, weighing about 1lb.

The doctors warned her that he will forever be paralyzed and crippled. Jeffrey's horrifying diagnosis suggested he will never be able to speak.

As a birthday tribute to him, the proud mother replied to all those predictions. She captioned:

But God said different. 14 years later Jeffrey still can bring me to tears at what he can do. I still have no clue what I am doing and how to raise this boy but I know I love him with all my heart.

Her other son

Sherri had tied the knot with Lamar Sally in 2011. They filed for divorce 3 years later, just before their surrogate son, Lamar Sally Jr. was about to arrive. It was from Sally's sperm and an egg donor, which meant Sherri has no genetic claim on him. His custody was given to the father, but the court ruled out that Shepherd will provide him child support. 

The journey of parenthood was never easy for Sherri Shepherd. Nonetheless, the bold lady managed to be the best for Jeffrey and provided him more than the destiny allowed. How inspiring!