Selma Blair's 7-Years-Old Son Heartbreakingly Shaved His Mom's Head Amid Her Battle With Multiple Sclerosis

June 17, 2019

For years, an unknown disease had crippled Selma Blair internally. She waited on answers for a very long time. Now that she knows what's she's dealing with, the actress is roaring back at it with courage.

On October 20, 2018, the Legally Blonde star revealed to fans that she's suffering from multiple sclerosis. This autoimmune disease with no cure affects the central nervous system. It makes the patient feel like a car without navigation controls.

Later on, Selma gave us another devastating update about her health. Her eyelashes and hair had started to fall out because of intense radiation treatments. 

Taunting back at her condition 

Her son Arthur is her greatest strength amid this adversity. It is important for him to understand his mother's situation and what to expect. She teamed with him on the venture of braving it all out. 

In an Instagram post, Selma shared a heartbreaking yet empowering photo. Arthur was seen shaving his mom's head. It was a pretty rough cut but we think he had eventually done a good job.

It seems to be a declaration that she and her boy are ready to face anything that life throws at them. They are strong and determined to live a full life.

She's not keeping him to herself

Selma is making sure Arthur gets the love of both his parents. He will know the closeness of his dad even though his mom has separated. On Father's Day, she gave a shoutout to her ex-spouse, Jason Bleick. 

She is truly inspirational in everything she does. Whether it's her relationships, personal struggles or health issues, Selma is a warrior of them all. Share this and send your regards to her sweet little family.