Is Nicole Kidman Secretly Bald? Her Colleague Claims She's Always Wearing Wigs & Never Shows Her Real Hair

June 19, 2019

During the 90s, Nicole Kidman was all about her signature spiral curls. She traded that look for smooth blond locks. Did this process of intense change cost her anything? A source reveals, she paid heavily.

While speaking to Australia's Who magazine, the actress confessed she misses her easy-breezy beach-girl outlook. She said: 

I wish I had my curls back. I tortured them to death. I always say, 'Don't ruin the ringlets!'

Has she gone bald? 

Whether it's long platinum locks in Aquaman or golden bangs in Big Little Lies, we all know Nicole ain't rocking her natural hair anymore. Is she doing this because of portraying different characters or hiding something? It seems the consequences of extensive bleaching have caught up with her.

During What's The Tee podcast, Michelle Visage recalled seeing Nicole in an advertisement in which she lobbied for selling a hair pill. She proclaimed:

The irony is that we rarely ever see Nicole Kidman's hair. I think she's bald!

Well, that can't possibly be true. Her colleague RoPaul readily replied to the suggested theory:

She's not bald! She's just got curly hair that ends up being very brittle.

How her natural hair actually looked like? 

Nicole Kidman is considered a diva for a reason. In the early stage of her career, she used to flaunt her ginger head full of tight curly hair. That made her unique and very desirable.

Keith Urban beloved wife was more authentic and raw back then. But, her current look works wonders too. Share this and let us know what you think about her not-so-real hair. Doesn't she slay anyway?