"Land Of The Giants" Star Deanna Lund Passed Away At 81 After Battling Cancer

June 28, 2018

“Land of the Giants” actress Deanna Lund passed away at the age of 81. She lost the battle to diagnosed pancreatic cancer she had been fighting since September 2017.

Marked series

Deanna Lund was one of the stars from “Land of the Giants.” The two-season TV series featured a spacecraft crew losing their way to Earth and crashing into the unknown planet. Each episode, costing around $250,000, was telling us the story of the giant inhabitants of the planet and the earthlings’ desperate struggle for the life.

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© Land of the Giants (1968) / 20th Century Fox Television

The key feature of the series was that almost all stunts were performed by the cast themselves. Thus, Deanna was hanging on a rope over the flames, dropped into specimen jars, and even kidnapped by the ape.

© Land of the Giants (1968) / 20th Century Fox Television

She stayed alive during the series; however, she lost the recent battle she had been struggling with since September 2017.

Lost earthling

Deanna Lund died on Friday, June 22, at her home in Century City. The ABC series actress lost the long battle against pancreatic cancer she was diagnosed with almost a year ago.


Her daughter, actress and novelist Michele Matheson, reported about the sad news the following Monday. The family keeps mourning the unfortunate loss but stays strong to live through Deanna’s death.

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Cancer detection

Timely detecting of the pancreatic cancer is a key to the successful treatment and quick recovery. However, it is important to remember the disease is differentiated between exocrine and neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), having different symptoms. That is why if you notice the yellowing of your skin, unreasonable belly, and back pains, lack of appetite, nausea, and even blood clots, it is important to address a doctor as the outcomes can be disastrous.

belchonock /

NETs have a different origin, so suffering from various tumors is the thing you notice during this kind of pancreatic cancer. Under no circumstances should you wait for the recovery without resorting to the doctor. Let the professionals save your life.

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