Gorgeous Sandra Bullock, 54, Steals The Show Debuting Her New Trendy Hairstyle At ESPY Awards 2019

July 12, 2019 14:07

Sandra Bullock doesn't cease to amuse her fans — the American actress has been changing and improving her appearance throughout many years.

It says if a person wants to change something, they can start by having another haircut. Bullock has flashed her stunning appearance with long straight hairstyle, chin-length wavy bob, and any possible styles which look so good on her!

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Another transformation

Sandra Bulock, 54, showed up in a mesmerizing plunging fringe tuxedo at the ESPY Award on July 10. She stole the show with her black outfit, which featured V-neckline and tight pants, perfectly accentuated her slender figure.

However, eagled-eyed fans noticed her drastic change — The Proposal star flaunted her new trendy hairstyle. After taking a small break from the premiere events, Bullock showcased a flirty chocolate-brown lob set with some loose waves to frame her pretty face.

A month ago, Sandra had another hairstyle had a long, straight brunette hair with some blonde highlights. But, we must admit, a debuting short haircut suits her ideally!

The A-list personality looked youthful, joyous, and delighted the other night and we are kind of jealous of her beautiful hair. Is it full of secrets or why does she had impeccable hairstyle all the time?


Aside from her stunning appearance, Sandra Bullock has an impressive success in her acting career. Her latest movie Bird Box has gained global recognition and thus, the actress won the Most Frightened Performance Award for her role in the project.

The Ocean 8 star has proved she is great at anything she's determined about. In 2015, PEOPLE dubbed her as the Most Beautiful Woman, too.

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54-year-old Sandra Bullock is an excellent example of elegance and charm!