"She Has To Be Careful": Meghan Markle Is Warned About Her Decision To Be A 'Vogue' Editor As It Might Be "Dangerous"

June 14, 2019 13:55

Meghan Markle's maternity leave is going to end soon and she already has lots of things to do shortly after it. It was reported the Duchess of Sussex is to open doors of Frogmore Cottage for Vogue UK photoshoot.

Meghan Markle is also set to be a guest editor at the magazine, writing about topics close to her heart, including female empowerment. Prince Harry and baby Archie will not be a part of this business.

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Is it a good idea?

E! chief news correspondent, Melanie Bromley, warned Meghan Markle about her decision, which is deemed to be "dangerous." 

This is a really big deal, the reason being that we’ve seen Diana doing magazine covers.

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You may think, "What's wrong with it?" Kate Middleton did the same" But no, Ms. Bromley thinks "being the editor and having editorial control is a very, very interesting choice."

The correspondent further explained that the Royals shouldn't have any strong viewpoint or talk about political issues or any other vital moments in that matter — to avoid alienating other people.

This could be seen as quite dangerous.

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Melanie Bromley also believes the Duchess of Sussex can incur in criticism due to the September Vogue issue.

She does have to be careful. She has to be careful not to use her position to influence people on things that are going to be alienating.

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Let's say, at least royal fans are looking forward to welcoming the mother-of-one to the spotlight. 


In fact, Meghan Markle is already a huge influence around the globe. The Vogue UK placed the Duchess on a list of top 25 women shaping the country. 

It's apparent the magazine is interested in knowing more about the mother-of-one.

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Let's hope Meghan Markle will be able to avoid harsh criticism after this business.