Already Moving On? Wendy Williams Confidently Reveals She "Dates Pretty Often" Amid The Ongoing Divorce

May 15, 2019 16:33

Isn't it kind of sad to say goodbye to a spouse of twenty years? 

Wendy Williams has been passing through bad days as she reportedly filed for divorce from her husband Kevin Hunter. According to the family's spokesperson, the couple asks for privacy in their matters before the official announcement of their further life.

Moving on?

54-year-old Wendy Williams is allegedly trying to redefine her life in all possible aspects after the scandal with her husband of more than 20 years, Kevin Hunter.

During The Wendy Williams Show episode on May 14th, the host revealed she is working on her divorce "pleasantly." Williams has already referred to herself as "a single woman running around New York."

Wendy Williams went on telling she is "rediscovering" her love of men and hence, she currently dates "pretty often."

I have the ultimate bachelorette pad high atop everything. I have a really, really good view and I’m really, really reclaiming my life.

Williams has been spotted with her bodyguard a lot recently, so people are speculating they might be together, though the TV host denied those rumors on the live show.

The alleged affair

The reason for Wendy William and Kevin Hunt's divorce after the 25-year marriage is the latter's alleged cheating. The Wendy Williams Show star reportedly reckons his affair has lasted for around 15 years. 

The couple might be on the rocks, but they co-parent their only one son, 19-year-old Kevin Hunter Jr.

Wendy Williams' fans have noticed she's changed for the best over the recent time. The host looks happier and fresher. So, perhaps, it's all for the better times?