How Kate Middleton Won The Support Of The Entire Royal Family With Her Attitude To Royal Life, Royal Commentator Explains

July 1, 2019 16:22

It's common knowledge about how Prince William and Kate Middleton met each other. The two young people began their romantic journey in St. Andrew's University as they were living in the same residence hall back in the 2000s.

Only after more than five years, the British heir proposed to Kate, and in 2011, the world witnessed one of the most beautiful and stunning wedding ceremonies in the world. 

Support from the royal family 

Did you know Kate Middleton used one secret skill to win the support of the whole family, making Prince William feel comfortable?

According to royal commentator Juliet Ridden, Duchess Catherine quickly fitted into the royal family due to the incredible ability to handle the public scrutiny with "comfort."

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Ms. Ridden explains:

I think part of the reason Prince William felt so comfortable with Kate was that she was comfortable with this role – with the media following her, with being in the public eye.

Kate Middleton was brave enough to cope with constant attention, be patient with the spotlight, and put up with different royal traditions, protocol rules, and requirements. 

The whole Royal Family realized, ‘yes, this is a Royal in the making.

Duchess Catherine rarely breaks the royal protocol, regularly follows the required things, and always makes the right decisions. In other words, she feels fine and comfortable with her role as the British royal — at least, she behaves so.

Queen Kate

It's no question Prince William will ascend the throne down the line, and Kate Middleton will automatically become the Queen. According to US Magazine's source, Kate and Queen Elizabeth II often discuss the royal life and the future of the monarchy. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are favorite royals to "take the crown in many generations." Ultimately, the couple is actively preparing for the foreseeable reign.

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Kate Middleton always feels so chilling and easy-going with her royal life. Surely, we can't know the truth, but at least, she tries her best to be the right fit for the future  Queen.