Donald Trump Boasts He Made The Queen Laugh So Much That He "Got Into Trouble" With Royal Officials

June 17, 2019

Donald and Melania Trump were spending three days in the United Kingdom with the British royal family. It was a part of their official state visit and the Queen herself invited the couple in advance.

People noticed that the American President behaved like a little kid during his stay, including an unusual handshake, calling Meghan Markle 'nasty'  beforehand, and other awkward situations. 

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Trump's response

POTUS has been slammed for his stay in the UK. However, Donald Trump — known for directness, confidence, and self-irony — said he was criticized because the Queen was having too much fun.

During an interview with Fox News’ Fox & Friends, the U.S. President boasted Queen Elizabeth II "never had so much fun in 25 years" and that he made her laugh so hard that he "got in trouble with royal officials."

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He said:

I have such a great relationship, and we were laughing and having fun. And her people said she hasn't had so much fun in 25 years.

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The 25-year period implies Her Majesty's Golden and Diamond Jubilee, during which she visited multiple continents and celebrated the weddings of her grandchildren and the birth of numerous great-grandkids.

Trump's body language

The U.S. leader considers the Queen an "incredible lady." Body language expert Robin Kermode reckons Donald Trump behaved like a "schoolboy" about Her Majesty. 

Another body language expert Jude James claims POTUS looked more "at home" during the visit since he was exceptionally tentative with the Queen. 

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Interestingly, what does the Queen think about all of that?