Jennifer Aniston Candidly Reveals Her 'Silver Fox' Crush: "He's Just Better With Age"

June 17, 2019

Jennifer Aniston revealed her 'silver fox' crush on The Morning Show. The Hollywood star appeared on CBS' The Talk and admitted that Steve Carell is her on-set secret crush. 

He's like a silver fox now. And he just came in and no one expected, you know ... everybody was so cute, and he's so shy and fantastic. He's just better with age, it's amazing.

50-year-old Jennifer Aniston and 56-year-old Steve Carell are starring in Apple's TV morning show drama, alongside Reese Witherspoon. The title is unknown yet. 

Before anyone starts shipping them, the Office alum is a married man. Steve Carell married Nancy Carell in 1995, who share two children — daughter Elisabeth Anne 'Annie' and son John 'Johnny'.

Previously, Jennifer Aniston opened up about her personal life, saying she's a single now as she "doesn't have time for dating" due to the amount of work. 

By the way, Carell and Aniston starred in Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey together, so they are practically co-stars once again!