"Worst Thing I’ve Ever Seen": Kate, George & Charlotte's $75 Ceramic Statue Is Criticized For Being 'Hideous'

June 21, 2019

It's no wonder high-profile personas have several wax figures around the globe. Since the British Royal Family is widely-known, they also have such an honor — even if these wax figures are far from the real appearance. 

For instance, Tokyo's Madame Tussauds has figures of Kate Middleton and Prince William, inspired by the couple's occasion back in 2012. Do you think they are similar?

Getty Images / Ideal Image

TK Maxx statue

There is something that you didn't expect — just like us. Somebody posted a picture of 'hideous' ceramic statue of Duchess Catherine with her two older children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. It retails for $75,95.

Well, it's quite hard to call it a 'masterpiece' but the sculpture was created based on a family Christmas card in 2015. Though the photo had also Prince William on it, the author of the work decided not to include the future King.

The Twitter user who found it and posted also sarcastically added, "Can't wait for the Meghan Markle version." Well, yeah, the next is Meghan and baby Archie!

Royal fans are super shocked

Well, it's not the best thing people have seen, but who knows, maybe it will have an improved version in the future.