Daddy’s Boy! Prince Louis Couldn't Stop Diving For His Dad At Trooping The Colour Balcony Debut

June 10, 2019 11:43

The one-year-old Prince Louis made his Trooping the Colour balcony debut, and people can’t stop discussing it.

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Prince Louis was joined by his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and other members of the royal family for the flyover during the Queen's annual birthday parade.

He looked so adorable in a blue and white top and pants!

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At the balcony, there was one moment that showed that Prince William and Prince Louis have a special connection.

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Prince Louis loves his daddy!

Prince Louis entered the balcony in the arms of his mother, Kate Middleton. Nevertheless, he kept diving for his father, while she was holding him.

On the video, we can see the touching moment, when baby Louis tries to reach daddy with his little arms. It proves he loves his father so much!

Shortly after, he began to wave to the crowd below, and it looked so cute!

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Royal fans’ reaction

People were touched by Louis’ desire to be in father’s arms, and they can’t stop discussing this adorable moment.

They keep writing posts in social media, claiming Prince Louis is definitely a daddy’s boy.

There is no doubt the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Louis have a strong father-son relationship!