Sam Elliott Says He's Itching To Get Rid Of His Legendary Moustache ASAP: “I’m Going To Shave It Off”


April 16, 2019 15:32 By Fabiosa

The famous American actor Sam Elliot is known for his legendary moustache, which is his distinctive feature.

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Sam Elliot is known for his roles in The Way West, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Gunsmoke, Murder in Texas, Lifeguard, The Quick and the Dead, Gettysburg, and many others.

A lot of Sam Elliot’s fans can’t imagine their favorite actor without moustache, but recently, Elliot surprised them while giving an exclusive interview.

Days are numbered

Sam Elliott said that days of legendary moustache are numbered, and we won’t be able to admire them in the nearest future. Moreover, the new look will allow the actor to go anywhere he wants without being recognized. In such a way, he has an opportunity to try living like a regular person, not a celebrity.

When all this is all over, I’m going to shave it off. I can go places and not be recognized when I don’t have a moustache and I manage to keep my mouth shut.

It will be so unusual to see Sam Elliot without his distinctive feature, as everybody is already so used to it.

Of course, many people wonder how Sam Elliot looks without moustache. Fortunately, there are some old photos that perfectly answer their question. He looks handsome without his legendary moustache!

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In the exclusive interview, Sam Elliot opened up that days of his legendary moustache are numbered, and fans can’t wait to see the final result.

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