4th Failed Marriage? Nicolas Cage Files For Annulment A Few Days After The Surprising Wedding

March 29, 2019 13:21

Nicolas Cage applied for marriage license recently, expressing the readiness for the fourth wife. According to the court documents, he listed his girlfriend, Erika Koike, as the second party.

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Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike have been together for almost a year, since April 2018. And even though not a lot of information is available about his new love, it is known she is a makeup artist, and the couple was seen hanging out together numerous times.

4th failed marriage?

As reported, the legendary Hollywood star filed for an annulment a few days after applying for the marriage license. Taking into account that so little time has passed since that moment, people are wondering why Nicolas is already sick and tired of family life.

According to TMZ, the couple tied the knot the very same day Nicolas applied for a license. Nevertheless, something really serious might have happened, that made him change the opinion regarding the union.

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Nicolas Cage was married 3 times before. By the way, he proposed to Patricia Arquette the same day they met.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Getty Images / Ideal Image

It’s not Nicolas Cage’s the only short marriage, as he was married to Lisa Marie Presley for only 3 months.

It seems that Nicolas Cage just had the fourth failed marriage, as he filed for annulment just a few days after the surprising wedding.

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