Man Or Doll? Billy Porter Appears In A Flowing Sheer Dress, And It’s His Most Extravagant Look Ever

May 28, 2019

The popular American stage performer, pop singer and actor, Billy Porter, is known for his unusual style.

Billy Porter was breaking barriers with his red carpet eccentric looks numerous times, and people couldn’t stop marveling at how creative he is. And even though some people may criticize him, it is impossible not to agree with the fact that the Tony Award-winning actor is bringing his best to the world stage.

Billy Porter in sheer gown

Billy Porter has recently appeared in a flowing sheer gown at the Peabody Awards in New York City, and it was probably one of his most extravagant looks ever.

The unusual dress was designed by Celestino Couture and included pink embroidery and layers of ruffled tulle.

Of course, Billy was in the center of the media attention during the whole event, and people couldn’t take eyes off him.

Fans’ reactions

Porter’s numerous fans immediately reacted to his eccentric style, writing posts on their twitter accounts. They are in a complete shock and it is hard for most of them to express emotions properly.

Nevertheless, some fans wrote that Billy is the supreme that will never be replaced by anyone.

The iconic Billy Porter surprised everybody again by appearing in the flowing sheer dress at the Peabody Awards. What an unusual style he has!