Most Unusual Fashion Choice! Meghan Markle Wore One Of Her Favorite Skirts As A Dress In Morocco

February 27, 2019

The Duchess of Sussex wore her favorite black skirt for a meeting with the Association of Commonwealth Universities at the University of London on January 31st.

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She looked indeed elegant and stylish in the dark outfit. Maybe, she liked it as well, and decided to wear it one more time, but as a dress.

Meghan’s fashion choice in Morocco

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s visit to Morocco is known to be the last official trip together before the baby is born. The pregnant Duchess of Sussex demonstrated the most unusual outfit while visiting the country.

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Of course, it was not left unnoticed, and people immediately noticed that her floaty pleated dress looks exactly the same as the Givenchy skirt she was wearing before, during the meeting with the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

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With a simple trick, Meghan managed to create a brand new stylish outfit, and she really looks gorgeous in it.

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The Duchess of Sussex seems to love pleated skirts, as she was spotted wearing it before numerous times on various events. And every time she looks stunning!

Meghan Markle demonstrated the most unusual fashion choice during the trip to Morocco, wearing her favorite skirt as a dress.

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