Kate Middleton Masterfully Re-Fashioned Her Alexander McQueen Dress From 2017 With One Detail


March 13, 2019 12:46 By Fabiosa

Kate Middleton was already wearing the fabulous off-shoulder Alexander McQueen dress for the 2017 BAFTAs.

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It was indeed a good choice, as she had an opportunity to demonstrate her delicate toned shoulders and a beautiful neck. Of course, she was in the center of everybody’s attention that evening.

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Duchess of Cambridge liked that outfit so much that she decided to wear it once again after some time.

Kate Middleton re-fashions the dress

Kate Middleton re-fashioned the exact same dress she was wearing at 2017 BAFTAs by adding sleeves to it. She appeared in the new version of the Alexander McQueen dress on the event at National Portrait Gallery in London.

With such a simple trick, she managed to get a completely new outfit, which was very original and stylish at the same time.

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The refashioned gown caught everybody’s attention, as it was surprising that by adding just one detail it is possible to get such a major transformation.

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Twitter users keep leaving their comments, writing they can’t decide which version they like more, as Kate Middleton looks stunning in both of them.

Kate Middleton refashioned the Alexander McQueen dress she was wearing for the 2017 BAFTAs by adding sleeves, and it looks so beautiful!

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