Body Language Experts Noticed Something Endearing About The Royals When They Showed Up For Prince Louis' Christening

July 18, 2018 12:57

Last week Monday, when members of the royal family came together for his christening, the 11-weeks-old Prince Louis slept through it all.

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Prince Louis' first family outing

The significance of the ceremony, the fact that this was his first public outing with his siblings, and the rare privilege of getting baptized with water from River Jordan in a church built in 1540 were all lost on him.

But, it wasn’t all bad. There was a lot to notice for the fans of the royal family besides the sleeping Louis.

Body language experts noticed something

With the whole of Prince Charles’ brood together, it was easy to see the dynamics between them. And if body language experts are to be believed, the family was completely smitten with the new addition and at ease in each other’s company.

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In fact, as behavioural expert Susan Constantine told, only William stood out of the whole experience because he was intent on being protective of his family.

Good times

Still, from the looks of the gorgeous recently released official photos from the christening, we have ample proof that the royals do get along effortlessly and aren’t just putting up a front for the cameras.

It’s nice to see the royals scandal-free and happy for a change.

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Prince Louis