Hilarious Melania Trump Memes From A 2017 White House Gardening Outfit Fail Are Going Viral

August 1, 2018

Melania Trump has stayed out of trouble in the last few days, but unfortunately, she's back to being dragged on Twitter again for her fashion choice.


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Failed photo-op moment

The fashion crime in question was commited last year when she hosted schoolchildren in the White House Kitchen Garden, a Michelle Obama initiative. She spent the day planting and harvesting with the kids while being photographed.


Although, she'd come under fire for copying Michelle in the past, this time, her fashion choice in that moment was what made her an easy target.

The internet never forgets!

In the most ridiculous of wardrobe fails, she wore a pair of converse that had apparently never been worn before and a Balmain plaid shirt priced at more than $1000 at the time. Talk about luxury farming!

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And because the internet never forgets, somehow the photographs have resurfaced online and people are making the most hilarious memes out of it.

More failed fashion moments

This isn't the first time Melania Trump has come across as disconnected from the realities of her job as First Lady with her choice of clothing.

Although, her I Really Don't Care, Do You? jacket is still fresh on everyone's minds, last year, she visited victims of Hurricane Harvey wearing a pair of stilettos before she switched them for sneakers. Should she fire her stylists?

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