"Bizarre And Unhealthy": Oprah's Ex-Stepmom Questions Nature Of Her Relationship With Gayle King And Stedman Graham

June 4, 2019

It isn’t always lonely at the top! Take as an example America’s leading talk show host and media mogul, Oprah Winfrey. Her friendship with Gayle King has lasted for more than four decades, and her romance with Stedman Graham is three-decades strong.

Gayle and Stedman are her closest people, but there’s someone who has called the nature of their relationship into question: Oprah’s ex-stepmother, Barbara Winfrey.

Barbara’s scandalous allegations

Barbara is clearly not a fan of Oprah’s. According to her, the host kicked her out of the house she shared with Oprah’s dad, Vernon.

Over fourteen years of marriage to Vernon, Barbara witnessed Oprah’s interactions both with Gayle and with Stedman, and she implied in an interview with Mail Online that the trio’s relationship is not what they have us believe.

Barbara thought Oprah and Stedman appeared comfortable with each other, but not in a romantic way. At the same time, Oprah and Gayle appeared virtually inseparable.

She also recalled the time when Oprah took her, Vernon, Stedman, and Gayle on a cruise, but it didn’t feel like a family trip at all:

She didn’t spend any time with us. It was always her, Stedman and Gayle. The three of them. Anytime you looked up they were together. To me it was just bizarre.

She added:

I can only say what I saw and observed over the years. Gayle was more present than Stedman.

Has any of the three commented on the rumors about an “unhealthy” format of their relationship? There have been many different rumors, including ones about them being a thouple (who comes us with these, huh?) and Oprah and Gayle being a secret lesbian couple.

However, Stedman has largely maintained dignified silence, while Gayle and Oprah simply laughed off such outlandish speculations.