Expert Says Meghan Added "Hollywood Drama" To Her Pregnancy, While Kate Exemplified "Understated Elegance"

April 17, 2019 14:45

Some view her as a “breath of fresh air”, and some think she’s a “nuisance”, but Meghan Markle loves doing things her own way, including choosing her outfits.

As you’d expect, Duchess Meghan’s maternity wardrobe is markedly different from that of other royal moms. One fashion expert claimed Meghan prefers remade designer pieces to actual maternity clothes, as she thinks the latter are “frumpy”.

But how do Meghan’s pregnancy outfit choices compare to Kate’s?

Kate and Meghan’s pregnancy fashion

Royal Baby, a new Sunday Night documentary, compared the two Duchesses' pregnancy styles. They are undeniably different!

The two royals’ maternity wardrobes are pretty much in line with their usual choices.

The narrator praised the Duchess of Cambridge, calling her the first member of the royal family to “marry pregnancy fashion with style” and saying her sartorial choices as a mom-to-be had “an understated elegance”.

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Speaking about Meghan’s pregnancy outfits, hers aren’t without “a little Hollywood drama”.

One fashion expert said:

Look at what Meghan is wearing today, showing the bump!

And who wears stilettos in their last weeks of pregnancy? Apparently, Meghan does, and it’s quite perplexing:

Really skin-tight clothing but Lordy, very, very Eiffel Tower high heels.

She looks incredibly elegant but she probably wants to take off the heels and put on flip flops.

Anyway, we probably shouldn’t be surprised by every outlandish or untraditional thing Meghan says or does.

It was to be expected right from the start, many royal experts believe. One of them, Claudia Joseph, says the sense of novelty is actually one of the reasons why Meghan has won so many hearts of the British people. Mirror Online quotes Claudia as saying:

The reality is people admire Meghan because she’s trying to bring the Royal family into the 21st century.

Obviously, it’s not only about Meghan’s unconventional fashion choices – it’s about everything she does.