"That's Nasty!": Cher Faces Backlash Over Her Latest Attack On President Trump And His Family

May 14, 2019 16:57

There’s no love lost between Cher and Donald Trump! The pop diva has been a vocal critic of Trump since before he took office, and the President usually responds to her jabs in kind.

Cher seems to disagree with Trump on everything, from immigration policy to LGBTQ rights. The singer never shies away from airing her opinions about the President on social media, but she doesn’t always get the expected reaction to her rants.

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Cher’s latest attack on Trump

In her latest tweet, Cher once again expressed her true feelings about Trump and his circle:

However, she did not provide any explanation as to what the President said or did that set her off this time. It seems like another random attack, but what rubbed some of her followers the wrong way is the way her message is worded and what it seemingly implies.

People’s indignation

While some of the singer’s loyal fans agree with her sentiment, some think she went overboard this time, as in their interpretation, her message didn’t spare the youngest Trump – the President's son Barron.

Here are a few reactions to Cher’s attack:

Should she have held her tongue? Or was her tweet misconstrued?