"It Was Magic": Olivia Newton-John On Her Instant Chemistry With John Travolta On The 'Grease' Set


March 13, 2019 13:53 By Fabiosa

Last year, Grease stars Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta celebrated the timeless musical’s 40th anniversary.

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Both actors have built spectacular careers since the film debuted, but their roles in Grease may be what they are best remembered for. Their unique onscreen chemistry is undeniable, and it was evident even before they were cast as Danny and Sandy!

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Olivia recalls the on-screen sparkle

In her new memoir, Don’t Stop Believin’, the Australian star shared the most interesting moments from her life, including the screen test for her iconic role in Grease.

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In the audiobook of the memoir, Olivia recalled the immediate chemistry between her and her co-star. Here’s how she described their screen test, as quoted by Entertainment Tonight:

When we walked inside the room together, it was magic, and everyone saw it, knew it. They couldn't deny this kind of chemistry. We were right next to each other, up close and personal – Sandy and Danny standing there in the flesh. The best part? We hadn't even read one line.

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For John, the feelings were real

Grease fans remember how convincing were Olivia and John’s onscreen romantic feelings for each other. And, as it later turned out, for John, these feelings translated into real life.

Didi Conn, John and Olivia’s co-star, revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail that John had a crush on Olivia, and she may have had feelings for him, too. Didi described one of their kisses in the film, the moment that certainly wasn’t just acting:

They weren't acting in that moment, it was like he had his chance and he was going to take it. It was real, it really was.

Anyway, both John and Olivia are happily married family people now, and they probably share lighthearted laughs when they get together and recall those moments!

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