"I Was Embarrassed": Andy Cohen Recounts His Disastrous First Date Since Becoming A Father

April 4, 2019 14:55

A lot has changed for Andy Cohen over the two months after he became a father for the first time. Now, he is busy juggling work and parenting duties, but it doesn’t mean there’s no place for love life!

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In late March, Andy went on his first date since becoming a father. However, it didn’t turn out the way he had expected.

Andy recounts his disastrous date

Andy recently spoke about the date on The Howard Stern Show and admitted it didn’t go well.

The Bravo host had been set up with Stern show staffer Chris Wilding. Speaking to Howard, Andy recalled how embarrassing the whole thing was. Right at the start, it was clear that the two men had different things in mind before they met in person. Andy said:

I said to him right at the beginning, ‘I am here because I want to be your friend.’ I was upfront. I wanted to get to know him. I clearly went into this with a different feeling than Chris did.

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Chris was also disappointed, as Andy was 15 minutes late, didn’t give him his phone number, and turned him down too fast. Chris added that it seemed like Andy’s mind was wandering throughout their conversation.

He concluded:

It was a very odd date. If it was a date with a ‘civilian,’ I would say it went very poorly. The fact that it was Andy, it was very cool. I do like Andy. The date is just a little sloppy.

To make things worse, Andy was slightly drunk and walked into the glass door when he was leaving. He said:

It was bad. I was not happy about it. I raced into the Lyft from there. I was embarrassed.

Although the date didn’t go well, the two men were able to laugh it off as Andy and Anderson Cooper did years ago.

The Bravo host told People in February that he would change his dating strategy and look for men of the type he’d be proud to introduce to his parents and his son.

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