Congrats, Grandma! Paula Deen's Triplet Grandbabies, Who Arrived 4 Months Early, Turn 5 Months


March 11, 2019 15:03 By Fabiosa

Paula Deen, a popular host and cookbook author, welcomed three grandbabies in October.

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Three more additions to the Deen family are a huge joy to Paula and the babies’ parents, Paula’s son Bobby and his wife Claudia. However, the overwhelming happiness was also mixed with a great deal of worrying, as the triplets arrived earlier than expected.

Two girls, Olivia and Amelia, and a boy, Linton, arrived at just 26 weeks. As they were born prematurely, they had to spend several weeks at the hospital and were carefully monitored by doctors.

Now, it looks like the rough patch of the ride is behind! Claudia has shared a small but uplifting update as the babies turned 5 months.

Good news from Claudia

The babies are home now, but Claudia hasn’t shared much about them on her social media accounts. However, her recent post is a good reason to think that her daughters and son are doing great!

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As the babies turned 5 months, Claudia shared a few sweet snaps of them and informed her followers about the things her little ones enjoy. Also, the babies are gaining weight steadily, which is especially important for premature infants.

The happy mom wrote in the caption to her post:

Tummy time to celebrate that just like that 5 months went by! We love playing in our baby gyms, smiling in the mornings and bath time!

💖 Oli Olivia (1lb. 11.5oz ➡️ 11lbs. 2.5oz)
💙 Linton Limón (1lb. 12oz ➡️ 11lbs. 9oz)
💖 Amelia Anna Banana (2lbs. 0.5oz ➡️ 9lbs. 7oz)

The Deens are a big family

Bobby and Claudia are still pretty green at parenting, but they are certainly getting some help from Jamie and Brooke Deen.

Jamie is Paula’s elder son, and he and Brooke have two sons, Jack (b. 2006) and Matthew (b. 2011).

Paula is also always there to offer her son and daughter-in-law some valuable parenting advice.

It’s good to know that the babies are doing fine. We wish them to continue growing healthier and happier!

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