Mind-Blowing! Former German Princess Dishes She Had A Brief Romance With Richard Gere

March 11, 2019 18:24

Diane von Fürstenberg has lived quite a life! For starters, the Belgian-born fashion designer, previously known as Princess Diane von Fürstenberg, was married to a German prince for 14 years, despite her humble origin.

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Diane and her first husband, Prince Egon von Fürstenberg, had two children, Prince Alexander and Princess Tatiana. The couple’s marriage ended in 1983, after several years of separation.

In 2001, Diane married her second husband, media mogul Barry Diller. However, the most exciting time of her love life was between the two marriages, the former princess has confirmed on Watch What Happens Live.

Diane’s short love story with a Hollywood heartthrob

During Diane von Fürstenberg’s appearance on WWHL, Andy Cohen dared another celebrity guest, Julianne Moore, to play a game and guess which statements about Diane are true and which are false.

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When the host asked Julianne if she believed the famed designer had a brief love affair with the Pretty Woman star, Richard Gere, the actress went with a 'no'.

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The actress’ jaw dropped when Diane confirmed that she did indeed have a thing with Richard!

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The actor had a whole roster of celebrity girlfriends

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Richard Gere dated a former German princess. Today, the actor is happily married to a Spanish activist Alejandra Silva (their son was born in February), but before that, he had a number of high-profile romances.

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Richard’s first wife was Cindy Crawford, and their marriage lasted only 4 years. He was later married to actress Carey Lowell. Their son was born in 2000, and they separated in 2013, after 11 years of marriage.

The actor is also rumored to have dated Kim Basinger, Barbra Streisand, and his Pretty Woman co-star, Julia Roberts.

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It’s not for nothing that many call this silver fox a heartthrob!

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