Move Over, Meghan! A Royal Expert Says The Queen Is Trying To Put Kate Back In The Spotlight

March 21, 2019 15:03

Tuesday was a very important day for Kate Middleton! The Duchess joined the Queen at King’s College London, where the two royals opened the newly renovated Bush House.

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What made the occasion all the more special is the fact that it was Kate’s first solo engagement with the Queen in seven years, which is a very high honor and a sign of approval from Her Majesty!

Duchess Meghan had the honor to join the Queen on their first-ever joint solo engagement just weeks after marrying Prince Harry. However, Queen Elizabeth and Duchess Catherine’s outing on Tuesday was markedly different in that they appeared very relaxed and at ease with each other, like two old friends (as opposed to the Queen’s appearance with Meghan in June last year).

It begs the question: was the Queen’s choice of company for Tuesday’s event strategic?

The Queen’s agenda

Daniela Elser, a royal expert, thinks the Queen had an agenda when she picked Kate to accompany her on Tuesday.

In her piece for, Daniela points out that Meghan has been in the spotlight ever since she married Prince Harry, but Kate is less talked-about these days.

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Daniela says the joint engagement with Kate was the Queen’s subtle way of letting everyone know who is who and putting Kate back into the spotlight:

So, after eight years, why has [Her Majesty] chosen this particular moment in time to so publicly demonstrate her approval of Kate and her vast collection of appropriate tights? To make sure that it is the future Queen who gets, at least for one day, to enjoy the gushing headlines and cheerful platitudes and all around adoration?

The message here seems crystal clear: [the Queen] is reasserting her granddaughter-in-law’s place in the line of succession.

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What the Duchesses’ solo appearances with the Queen have in common

The Queen has subtle ways of showing her attitude towards people and things, and Kate and Meghan are also mastering the art of subtlety.

Here’s an example: look at the outfits Meghan and Kate chose for their appearances alongside their grandmother-in-law:

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See? They wore understated outfits of pale colors, as opposed to the Queen’s bright-colored apparel. It’s a sign of deference, showing that they both have no intention to outshine Her Majesty. A wise move, if you ask us!

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