Meghan Markle Angers The Palace By Disregarding Royal Values And Doing Things Her Own Way, Claims Royal Expert

May 13, 2019 17:05

When Meghan Markle joined the royal family, many people wondered whether she is the right fit for the life she has chosen.

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One royal expert noted that the Duchess' "A-list Hollywood" persona is "not appropriate" for the British monarchy and she needs to let other members of the royal family shine. Nonetheless, it appears that the Palace is already unhappy with Meghan’s behavior.

She will lose any battle

A royal biographer Angela Levin warned that despite her controlling behavior and constant disregard of the royal tradition and values, the Duchess will lose any battle with the royal family.

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Meghan has been disobeying the Palace on so many occasions that it might lead to very unpleasant consequences. Levin commented:

Meghan is beautiful, intelligent and ambitious, and intent on proving these qualities to the world, even at the risk of angering the Palace establishment. As we shall see, there may be storm clouds ahead.

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The biographer claims that the Palace will find a way to control the Duchess. She explained:

I can reveal that Buckingham Palace, unsettled by Meghan’s determination to do things her own way, has already taken decisive action to control her activities.

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However, another royal biographer, Claudia Joseph, believes that by her independent actions Meghan is simply trying to bring the British monarchy into the 21st century.

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Yet, she is doing it “too quickly” and the royalty won’t tolerate that. Perhaps, the royal family can take a breath of relief for some time while the Duchess is on maternity leave, taking care of her newborn son.