Royal Drama: “Furious” Harry Paid For A Radical Measure To Protect Meghan Markle From Ruthless Press Attacks, Says Author

May 24, 2019 16:01

Many royal fans noticed that Prince Harry has become an over-protective husband since he married Meghan Markle. The royal expert Emily Andrews believes that it might be because the ginger royal feels that he couldn’t protect his mother, Princess Diana.

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But it was reported that Harry’s protective tendencies reached a new level when he took a radical measure to shield his wife from the verbal abuse and harassment she has been facing.

What did he do?

Royal author Angela Levin revealed in Harry: Conversations with the Prince that the new father got personally involved in protecting Meghan from the ruthless press when their relationship became a public notion.

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Apparently, “furious” Harry wanted to do something to help his then-girlfriend and her family to survive the crazy media storm. So he took a drastic safety measure. Levin explains:

Harry became so concerned about keeping Meghan safe that he volunteered to pay for a retired Scotland Yard protection officer to shield her, especially from the foreign press. Only top royals get protection paid for by the state 24/7.

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Harry’s fears make sense as other people noticed that Markle’s treatment is very similar to Princess Diana. Hollywood actor George Clooney once noted, comparing Meghan to the late Princess, that "it's history repeating itself."

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However, Diana didn’t have such a strong and loving man by her side at that time so it’s safe to say that Meghan is in good hands.