Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Received The Most Adorable Gift For Their Baby During Canada House Visit


March 12, 2019 22:03 By Fabiosa

The Duchess of Sussex is soon to make the biggest change in her and her husband’s life. The royal couple is expecting their first child and the due date is getting closer and closer.

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It is believed that Meghan will give birth at the end of April-early May. However, some people think that Baby Sussex doesn’t want to wait for that long and might come earlier. Recently, the couple received the cutest gift for their firstborn so it’s safe to say they are all set to become first-time parents.

Cuteness overload

Meghan and Harry paid a visit to Canada House in London where they participated in the traditional maple-flavored taffy making, which is something Canadians, apparently, do when spring comes.

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The royal couple’s visit was a big honor so to make it even more memorable the Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Janice Charette, prepared a few adorable gifts for their baby.

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One of those gifts was the cutes baby outfit, which included the most aww-worthy moccasins. We are literary melting!

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We are certain that this is not the first and probably not the last baby gift the couple got. Not long ago the Duchess returned from her baby shower in New York and the celebration speaks for itself. Meghan was surely showered with many presents!

Her former colleague, Abigail Spencer, was spotted among the guests with a big bag that had a wrapping paper sticking out of it. The fact that it was blue made people think that she might be hinting on Sussex’s baby gender.

However, we wouldn’t jump into conclusions so quickly. It’s been reported that the couple doesn’t know the gender themselves. So it should be a big surprise for all of us.

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