Yes Or No? Do You Agree With Royal Fans That Meghan Markle Already Gave Birth But Hides It From Us?


April 17, 2019 17:04 By Fabiosa

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby has already gained a massive popularity even though nobody knows if he or she has arrived yet.

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The mystery of Sussex baby’s arrival began with Meghan and Harry’s joint statement which said that they wish to keep the news about their firstborn’s birth private.

The couple wants to celebrate the arrival of the new family member by themselves before they will let the rest of the world know. Even though their decision is understandable, it created a huge wave of comments on social media with people suggesting that the Duchess has already given birth.

What do social media think?

At first the suspicion was rising slowly but then, when the couple posted a message of gratitude to those who contributed to their Global Baby Shower campaign, more people got convinced that they are hiding the truth from us.

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What did they say that made even more social media users get convinced that the baby Sussex has already arrived? The couple finished their message with this:

And on behalf of The Duke and Duchess (and Baby Sussex), we thank you so much.

Yes, baby Sussex! Does this mean they are referring that he or she has already been born? Here’s what people think.

Nonetheless, there are still those who believe that Meghan is still pregnant.  

Experts share their opinion

Queen's former aide Dickie Arbiter advises fans to “hold their horses” as he believes that the Duchess of Sussex hasn’t given birth yet.

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Moreover, royal commentator Christine Ross suggested the couple won’t be able to take their time and will have to announce their baby’s arrival within hours from the birth to avoid leaks. But do you think that Meghan and Harry are skillfully hiding the happy news?