Lady Gaga Makes Surprise Appearance In Hollywood Bar And Stuns With Her Rendition Of Sinatra's Hits

March 19, 2019 10:56

Lady Gaga is a woman full of surprises. Recently, she astounded the little crowd at a bar in Hollywood with her first gig since her awe-worthy performance at the Oscars with Bradley Cooper.

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The singer made an appearance at a tiny venue called The Black Rabbit Rose, which usually hosts magic shows. Gaga stunned not only with her presence but also with her song choices. She didn’t perform any of her hits but instead she made an unexpected Frank Sinatra songfest.

The Award-winning vocalist stepped on the stage and announced to the little crowd:

I’m here to ruin the party. I’m so sorry.

And then she belted out the legendary crooner’s Call Me Irresponsible followed by one of our favorites, Fly Me To The Moon.

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People reacted on the songstress’ surprise appearance

Social media users loved Gaga’s performance, saying that she is “the Queen.” @Bruce Baker commented:

So moved. First it's so freakin intimately hot, then it's perfect, honest, on point..... She's got jazz inside. One of my favorite side of hers.

@Lia Ameli agreed saying that the songstress can perform any genre of music with finesse. @Kevin VM noted the pure perfection of the impromptu gig:

I felt like I was in the room. They're not just giving us perfect notes, the musicians and her voice tells us something! Perfect

Lady Gaga seems to be a big fan of Frank Sinatra as she had sung his singles in the past at the Sinatra 100 All-Star Grammy Concert in 2015.