Royal Expert Explains Why Meghan Markle’s Staff Are Actually Quitting Jobs One After Another


March 15, 2019 12:54 By Fabiosa

When it was reported that the Duchess of Sussex is losing another member of her palace staff, the press couldn’t stop leading people to the conclusion that the reason must lie in the Duchess herself.

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Meghan’s assistant private secretary, Amy Pickerill, has only got her job last years but she is already quitting it, to the surprise of her colleagues and royal fans.

Her decision created a lot of rumors that the pregnant Duchess is really difficult to work with. However, the royal expert has a different opinion.

A bad boss or a demanding job?

According to expert, Dickie Arbiter, there might have been many other reasons for such turnover at the royal household.

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Arbiter had worked for Her Majesty, the Queen, for 12 years as her press secretary. But looking after Princess Diana and Prince Charles proved more difficult than he thought.

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He said:

I’d [been on the] job with them for five years. Any longer and I would’ve been burnt out.

The expert noted that working for royals can become more intense with time and reminded that Prince Harry’s private secretary Edward Lane Fox, as well as Prince William’s private secretary Miguel Head, all quit their jobs after some time but nobody talked about it.

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It appears that soon Meghan and Harry will be allowed to hire their own staff as they will have separate household from William and Kate.

So, hopefully, we won’t hear about any other job-quitting news in the near future.

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