What Is The Main Difference Between Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton’s Postpartum Appearance?

May 9, 2019

A TV host Gayle King once said that Meghan and Harry are still a part of the royal family but because it's highly unlikely that Harry will ever become a king, they can live a different kind of life.

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It allows them to be more flexible and break old traditions, just as they did with their baby. But how Meghan’s first appearance with her child is different from Kate Middleton’s one?

The distinction is pretty big

The Sussex couple introduced us to their adorable son Archie on May 8, day after they welcomed him into their lives. Meghan looked positively radiant as she posed with her husband and their child at Windsor.

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Her appearance in front of the small group of the press representatives is drastically different from her sister-in-law’s, who talked to the crowd of journalists just hours after giving birth.

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The etiquette expert William Hanson commented on the major distinction between the “big reveal” of the two couples, noting that the Sussexes acted on their desire to keep privacy. He said:

The more controlled, more private nature of this afternoon's 'big reveal' is in-keeping with the couple's wishes to have a less intense post-birth circus than with Prince Harry's brother Prince William and sister-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge. 

However, Meghan and Harry are allowed to do that. Hanson explained:

Baby Sussex, as we are currently unofficially terming the child, is not going to be a direct heir to the throne and so the child, and family in general, can be afforded more privacy.

Nonetheless, there is something Kate and Meghan did have in common. Both royal ladies were praised for showing their postpartum bodies.

We are happy to welcome another royal baby and hope for more kiddies to come.