Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Aren’t Happy Anymore But They Want To Stay Together For Their Daughter, Reports Say

June 6, 2019 14:29

As Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s affair rumors have been all over the news since their extremely intimate Oscar performance, the singer tried her best to assure that their relationship is purely profesh.

In her interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Gaga claimed that her romance with Cooper is just good acting. The pair wanted people to believe that they are in love and, perhaps, they did their job too well.

Earlier the singer announced she’s splitting from her fiancé and now it seems that Bradley’s relationship with his partner, Irina Shayk, is hanging on a thread as well. What is going on??

Irina and Bradley are trying to save what can be saved

According to E! News, a breakup is in the air. It has been said that Cooper and Shayk are currently questioning whether being a couple is still a good idea for them.

Apparently, the two are “unhappy” in their relationship but there is one thing that keeps them together – their daughter.

They want to stay together for their daughter, but neither of them are very happy.

The couple has been together for a very long time and they share a lot of history with each other so it would be hard to make a drastic decision to break up. It was said:

They have a lot invested and it's very difficult to completely walk away from. They are trying out different arrangements and trying to find their way. They have a lot of history and their precious daughter keeping them together for now.

Nonetheless, the split won’t be as painful because the two are not actually married. They started dating in 2015 and 2 years later baby Lea was born.

However, Cooper has never popped the question so nothing prevents him from packing his stuff and leave. But we sincerely hope he won’t do so.