Diamond Expert Claims Baby Sussex Will Inherit An Extremely Valuable Royal Heirloom From The Queen

April 19, 2019

According to the tradition, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s child won’t be styled as prince and princess. So if Meghan gives birth to a boy, he will be known as Earl of Dumbarton and if it’s a girl, she’ll be styled as Lady.

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However, the Queen could step in and issue Harry's child a title as she did with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s other children as only Prince George could inherit one.

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But even though the monarch won’t intervene, she will surely pay as much attention to Baby Sussex as to all of her great-grandchildren. And knowing her generosity, she will certainly shower him or her with gifts.

The Queen might gift Baby Sussex something very special

Diamond expert and gemologist Grant Mobley revealed what kind of gorgeous heirloom the Baby Sussex might inherit from Her Majesty.

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According to Mobley, the frontrunner is a special Botswana Flower brooch, which features 11 dazzling pear-shaped natural diamonds that are set in yellow gold.

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The expert shared:

There are many heirlooms among the Queen’s impressive jewelry collection, but the Botswana Flower brooch is a frontrunner as a potential piece to be handed down to the soon-to-arrive royal baby.

Why is it so special, you ask? Because the Queen loves to wear it. She has been seen donning the breathtaking brooch on a number of occasions, including the 2015 Royal Ascot as well as her visit to Paris. It’s evident that the stunning jewelry piece has a special place in the monarch’s heart.

But it’s not the only bling the baby will be passed on. In one of her interviews before the marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle revealed that she wants to give her Cartier French Tank watch to her future daughter.

She shared that she got it engraved To M.M. From M.M so it holds an extra significance. What a brilliant idea! Now let’s hope the Duchess gives birth to a girl.