Jason Momoa Shares Never-Before-Seen Photos With His Beloved Granddad Who Passed Away 6 Years Ago

May 17, 2019 15:15

Despite his intimidating exterior, Jason Momoa is a big softy inside. The actor has a very sweet relationship with his family, especially his grandma, whom he often visits when he flies home.

Momoa also taught his grandma how to use FaceTime so that the two could communicate as often as possible. Isn’t he adorable?

But there was someone in Jason’s life that he misses every single day. His beloved grandfather passed away 6 years ago but he is still on the actor’s mind.

Dear granddad

Linden Charles was a character actor, who appeared on many TV series, including CBS's hit show East Side/West Side, NBC's Convoy and Banacek, and many more.

He passed away in 2013 after falling from the roof of his house at the age of 80. Perhaps his successful career is what made Jason Momoa fell in love with acting and prompted to follow Charles’ footsteps.

Momoa was very close to his granddad when he was growing up. He even dedicated a tattoo to him.

We are certain that Linden would have been very proud of his grandson knowing how much Jason has achieved throughout the recent years.