Lisa, Where Did You Go? Lisa Rinna Ditches Her Iconic Hairstyle And Astonishes Fans With New Blonde Locks

May 21, 2019

When we think of Lisa Rinna, the image of a gorgeous woman with a sassy, disheveled bob comes to our mind.

Previously, the actress revealed that it’s very easy to maintain her hairstyle which is one of the reasons she kept it for over two decades.

Not only that, Rinna’s husband absolutely adores her short brown bob. However, it can get boring to have the same hairstyle and hair color for so many years, so Lisa decided to switch it up.

New hair don’t care

A few days ago, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star astonished her fans with a very drastic hair change. Lisa posted a photo of her brand new hair, which is the complete opposite of her iconic bob.

In the snap, Rinna rocks blonde wavy locks and no makeup look. She looks completely unrecognizable!

Fans react to Lisa’s hair transformation

Many social media users praised Rinna for her brand new look. They were surprised to see how a simple change of hairstyle can make the actress look so much younger. @ocballoonbar commented:

Youth!!!! You look like a 20 year old!!!

User @michellebartlett100 noted how different Rinna looks, saying:

You look like a different person! I’ve always wanted to see you change up your hairstyles.

@stcyla couldn’t even believe that it’s her:

Is this actually Lisa?? She looks 25, hot, I have hair envy.

@rhwwrh_bravo agreed, stating:

Lisa where did you go??? Seriously?? This is not you. This is your 30 year old twin.

Do you think Rinna should keep her new blonde locks or does she look better with her signature brown bob?